Colegio administradores de fincas de españa

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Cada vez es más necesario que el Administrador de Fincas pueda delegar algunas de sus funciones en determinados colaboradores y/o personal de su despacho, destacando especialmente la asistencia a las Juntas de Propietarios.

Quinto.- Desde el momento en que el habilitado obtenga su credencial tras la superación de las correspondientes pruebas, el administrador colegiado como ejerciente al que se circunscribe la habilitación será responsable directo desde el punto de vista deontológico de todas aquellas infracciones en las que dicho habilitado pueda incurrir en el desempeño de sus funciones.

Curso de Oficial Habilitado y Curso de Iniciación para Administradores de Fincas se profundizarán en cuatro módulos, compuestos por un total de veinte temas. Entre otras, se abordarán materias como la constitución y gestión de una comunidad, la reclamación de cuotas impagadas o la protección de datos.

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Therefore, the current legislation on horizontal property consists of the Civil Code and Law 49/1960. Both norms, together with the constituent titles, statutes and regulations of each condominium form the regulations to be followed by the neighbors in horizontal property regime.

In total, the Horizontal Property regulation has undergone nine reforms. The most important was the modification of 08/04/1999, the result of a Popular Legislative Initiative that was taken to the Congress of Deputies with more than 832,000 signatures of support.

The 1999 reform included the proposals of the General Council of Associations of Property Administrators and its main modification was on community debts or, colloquially, “delinquent neighbors”.

The 2013 reform of the Horizontal Property Law was not a modification of this text itself, but a set of collateral changes to the approval of the Law on Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Renewal of June 26.

From the legal sector it is denounced that the reforms that have updated the Horizontal Property Law have fallen short and that, on occasions, rather than providing a clear regulation that solves current problems and situations, the current regulations on horizontal property or IPH generate conflicts and problems of interpretation.


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How to make a claim before the Association of Property Administrators: the property administrator is a professional who must generate confidence among the neighbors of the communities that he administers. And although most of the people who work in this guild are very competent, it is also possible to find administrators who abuse their position.

When the Administrator is a member of a professional association, it is recommended to start the actions by filing a complaint with the Association of Administrators to which he/she is attached. This organism has its own internal rules of operation, so if the denounced one has skipped them and has acted unduly, he will be sanctioned. In the most serious cases of abuse, the sanction can even lead to expulsion from the Association.

The College of Administrators of Estates is an institution whose purpose is to watch over the correct development of the profession of its members. It represents its members and defends their professional interests, watching at the same time over the protection of the rights of the consumers and users who contract the members.