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Randall was succeeded in 1986 by Keith Starling, who expanded the school in commemoration of its centenary,[39] the £2 million Cohen building was built in 1991, and in 1995 the music center was opened.[40] More recent developments include the library building, built in 2002, and a new sports hall in 2003. Much of the funds for the construction of these buildings were raised by parents.[40][41][42] The school is open to boys.

Boys may wear black or gray suits; V-neck sweaters in black, gray, or navy colors; and scarves in a plain color. Girls may wear ensembles (skirt or pants) in black, dark gray, and navy blue; their blouses may be white, blue, or gray. [58]

In July 1919 the school began receiving financial support from the government, which resulted in 25% of admissions being free.[10] In 1944, in obedience to the education law, tuition fees were abolished under the principle of free universal education.[31] Parents are required to contribute funds for the institution’s projects.[60] Parents who are unable to do so must write a letter to the principal explaining the reasons.[70] In 1944, in obedience to the education law, tuition fees were abolished under the principle of free universal education.[70] In 1944, in obedience to the education law, tuition fees were abolished.

IESE school of management

After a decade of management you need new perspectives. The General Management Program (GMP) provides innovative points of view on the complex business challenges that you, as a general manager, must face every day. By the end of the program you will have strengthened your ability to manage your company’s performance, achieve excellence in both strategy and execution of change, and bring judgment, commitment and a shared vision that will take your business to new levels of success.

Choose the location that best suits you and be prepared to explore new approaches with participants from a variety of industries and improve your effectiveness in seizing opportunities for your business.

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Monstruo y Chico vuelven a vivir una nueva aventura. Desde que Monstruo (que duerme debajo de la cama) y Chico (que duerme en la cama) se conocieron y se hicieron mejores amigos, han aprendido mucho el uno del otro. Por eso, cuando Monstruo se da cuenta de que Chico parece malhumorado (la madre de Chico le ha dicho que va a tener otra hermanita), Monstruo decide animar a su amigo. Juntos, emprenden una aventura sorpresa. Pero sorpresa: La hermana de Boy le acompaña. Juntos, aprenden cómo nacen los bebés monstruosos y obtienen sus nombres, antes de que Boy y su hermana encuentren otra sorpresa esperándoles en casa.Contada con una voz cálida y acogedora, la historia de Hannah Barnaby cobra vida. Lleno de aventuras y humor, El monstruo y el niño: la sorpresa de la hermana es un libro por capítulos perfecto para compartir con los niños que acaban de salir de los libros ilustrados y para los nuevos oyentes independientes.